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301 Nicholson Road, Gloucester City, NJ 08030

Welcome to CRK

​Church of the Risen King
Assemblies of God (AG)
​Gloucester City, New Jersey
  1. Events Calendar
    Regular Sunday Evening Service 7PM to 8PM "Celebration Sunday" Coming in March 24, 2019
  2. Welcome to CRK!
    Since the inception of the Church of the Risen King (CRK), our overarching sole mission (or "soul mission") has always been the same: to lead individuals to a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to nurture them to spiritual maturity for God's glory.
  3. Services
    Worship Service Celebration Sunday 10:30 - 12 Noon 9:30 AM Sunday School Wednesday 6:15 - 7 PM Pre-Gathering 7 - 8 PM Prayer Gathering Friday 7-8:30 PM Youth Serv (by announcement) Monday 7 -8:30PM Creation Connect (Youth teaching Kids homework)
  1. Center for Hope
    Center for Hope
    One of the big reasons why CRK exists is to let people know that there is hope in this life because there is a personal God who loves us with passion, and desires to be known intimately by us and is willing to give each one of us a fresh new start in life. A church that values people as God's creation, we are here to serve you as a center for hope -- not as museum for saints -- so people may experience the new birth in Christ.
  2. Haven for Christian Growth
    Haven for Christian Growth
    With this new birth comes growth. At CRK, we are committed to helping individuals move from declaration to discipleship. We want people to grow, develop and mature in their Christian walk, so they too can experience the awesome joy of growing in the grace and knowledge of the living Savior Jesus Christ. The relevant, practical yet timeless messages of truth from God's Word instruct your mind, speak to your heart, edify your faith, and provide you with a firm anchor upon which to develop a solid Christian worldview, to be all God designed you to be.
  3. Home for Kids
    Home for Kids
    Today, more than ever, our children need the solid foundation of right values that are crucial to the molding of their character and vision, even at their early age. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of these foundational virtues, for they serve as lighthouses that will guide our children when they soon navigate through life and endure all the negativity surrounding this present world. At CRK, we are dedicated to equipping these precious kids to be solid, faithful ambassadors for Christ.
  4. Home for You
    Home for You
    We mean it when we say that you do have a place here with us at CRK! It is our prayer that you may feel the warmth of true Christian fellowship with us. And we pray that your fellowship with us is a worshipful, memorable, and meaningful experience.      May you experience the personal joy of knowing God in His awesome majesty! May you experience the loving warmth of fellowship with a church that upholds the truth of Scripture and proclaims Jesus Christ as the Risen King! May you consider CRK your home-and the people in it your family!